How Logo is Connected with Branding?

Very first we have to get clear ideas about logo and branding. That will help to understand connectivity between logo and branding. Logo is a specific design or symbol or a trademark. That helps to create identification in people’s minds. Logo also signifies about any specific products or service. On the other hand branding is promoting any products or services by advertising or any distinguishable design. Branding means promoting products or services. Now think how logos and branding are related with each other. In my opinion, logos help for branding. Logo carries the ideas, quality, service and value of a company or any kinds of earthly things. Logo helps to create a specific identification in consumers mind and create distinctive brands. According to the definition branding is promoting products or services, it means to create a distinctive position in consumers mind, a specific design helps the consumers to categorize the products and services. If we go through with some examples will help us to understand the connection between logo and branding. Think about apple, I'm not mentioning the fruit, think about apple company. Get a clear image in our mind ? Get ideas about their products or services? They use a logo for branding, to create a distinctive idea about their products and services. The logo became a way of branding for their company. They also have many branding ways for promoting them. In general their logo creates specific ideas on consumer’s minds and they use the logo to promote branding. Apple’s logo has created appeals in consumers. Branding a specific design can be very much effective. Imagine an old man, wearing a glass and having a great smile on his face. Can you relate within your mind? Yes I’m talking about the magical man who introduces KFC with us. That specific design of their logo creates a distinctive identity in consumers mind. By seeing that logo people understand what kind of products and services. KFC takes this advantage and uses that logo to promote their brand. That logo gives warm feelings to its consumers and happiness. It helped KFC to become a brand and share the happiness with its consumers. Let’s dig more deeper and see the connectivity between logo-branding. Think about the logo of Hyundai. How do they use their specific logo to promote a brand? In their logo they give the main ideas about their company or you can say that they clearly give the vision of their company. In that logo they resemble two men. One of them is a consumer and the other one is a representative of Hyundai. They want to give massage every consumer that they are always with consumers. Hyundai picked that promotion way. Logo helps them to create appeal and belief in consumers’ minds. By reading all of these examples, we can say that there are many ways for branding but logos are one of the appealing and artistic ways to promote products or services. Logo creates a soft corner in people’s hearts.

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