Why is Logo Important for a Company?

A logo is a combination of typography, simple colors, and a strong visual element. That creates identity, value and aesthetically pleasing visualization of main ideas. Logo is very much important for consumers, because it helps to remember or create a memory in their minds.

But, not every logo can not nail it. Only a good logo can take place in your mind. For a company, logo is very much important and very well renowned company has a fine logo. That beautiful logo helps to create identity and remembrance. Also, a fine logo can be a great branding strategy.

It helps to stabilize that company as a brand. A good logo carries the core idea of that company, the main message they want to deliver, which kind of products or services they are providing, and the vision of that company. The color of a logo triggers emotions and gives meaning. Determine how it is perceived and has the power to drive purchasing decisions. Can you understand now, how much value is logo carrying? The dominating companies have a great logo and they redesign as a trend or on their demands.

The redesign to match their consumer advance adaptation or they want to show their improvement by redesigning. A good logo has lots of ideas, massage, and vision in an aesthetic version. Let’s go through examples, that will give you ideas about the importance of logos for a company. Think you want to buy sports footwear, try to fix a brand you like. Let me predict, you are thinking about NIKE? If my prediction is right then allow me to explain how NIKE logos spread their goals and give us the core idea of that company. NIKE is the Winged Goddess of Victory according to Greek Mythology. The logo evolved from goddess’ wing, ‘swoosh’, which symbolizes the sound of speed, movement, power, and motivation. NIKE wants to make athletes full of speed, power, and motivation with their sports footwear. Their logo clearly spreads the idea behind their logo and that logo spreading its goals to its consumer. The consumers feel connected to NIKE. Let’s talk about the TOYOTA company’s logo.

The memorable logo on Toyota vehicles carries a deep meaning on several levels.This distinctive logo includes three ovals that are combined in a horizontally symmetrical configuration. The two perpendicular ovals inside the larger oval represent the heart of the customer and the heart of the company. They are overlapped to represent a mutually beneficial relationship and trust between each other. The overlapping of the two perpendicular ovals inside the outer oval symbolize “T” for Toyota, as well as a steering wheel, representing the vehicle itself. The outer oval symbolizes the world embracing Toyota. Each oval is contoured with different stroke thicknesses, similar to the “brush” art known in Japanese culture. The space in the background within the logo exhibits the “infinite values” which Toyota conveys to its customers: superb quality, value beyond expectation, joy of driving, innovation and integrity in safety, the environment and social responsibility1.

Just think about what a logo does for a company or how much value they can earn through a logo.

In the end, we can say the importance of a logo for a company. A logo carries the pioneer ideas and visions of a company. A logo also can create an individual identification on consumers' minds and that’s how the consumers feel connected with that company.

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